IFAF Rules Committee

IFAF Rules Committee


Errata for the 2019 rulebook

This list collects together the errors found in the originally published version of the 2019 rulebook. The online version incorporates all these changes.

Rule Error Correct text Ed
Rules Changes (page 4) There is a formatting error. There should be a box drawn around the second and third sentences. 2
Editorial changes (page 5) Missing entry. A.R. 4-1-2:III should appear in the list of editorial changes. 3
A.R. 3‑2‑4:III "The play clock displays: (a) 25 or more seconds, or (b) 24 or fewer seconds."

In IFAF rules, the play clock is only adjusted if it shows fewer than 20 seconds. The correct text should be:

"The play clock displays: (a) 20 or more seconds, or (b) 19 or fewer seconds."

A.R. 4‑1‑3:IX The scenario doesn't make sense because Team A's 45-yard line is not behind their 40-yard line. "4th and 10 at Team B's 40-yard line." 4