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IFAF Rules Committee


Printed copies of the IFAF tackle rulebook

Printed copies of the IFAF tackle rulebook are available through a print-on-demand service called lulu.com. The book comes with a handy coil binding so that it opens easily.

Print-on-demand means that the book will be printed somewhere near your part of the world and shipped to you. This usually takes just a few days.

Lulu offers good discounts if you order in bulk (e.g. on behalf of your officials association). You can usually also get a discount by using a coupon code, obtainable from https://www.lulu.com/home. If you want to order a large number, it might be worth checking back over a few days until you get a good discount. Discounts of 20-30% are sometimes available.

The 2018 edition can be ordered here.

The rulebook is available at the cost Lulu charge to print and ship. Note that neither IFAF nor IAFOA receive any income from this sale.

If you simply want a PDF copy of the 2018 rulebook, that can be downloaded from here.

The 2017 rulebook (of historical relevance only!) is still available here. The 2016 rulebook is still available here.