International American Football Officials Association

Errata for the 18th edition of the Manual of Football Officiating

This list collects together the errors found since the originally published (release 1) version of the 18th edition of the MOFO. The online version incorporates all these changes.

Paragraph Error Correct text Release
Various Typos Typos corrected 2
5.21.6.b "conspiculously" Correct spelling is: "conspicuously" 3
8.2.5 (table) In the row "Ensure game balls are available", column "6D" says "F" This should be "S" - see M8.2.12.a.i 5
8.2.9.b Extra ")" after "TIMEKEEPER" delete closing parenthesis 3
9.3.a.5.a "the tackle or guard on the opposite side of the formation to you" This should be "the tackle or guard on the same side of the formation as you" to match M9.4.a.3.c 7
16.9 A, C and D
16.10 A, C and D
These 6 diagrams all show the wing officials keying on players in the offensive backfield. This is no longer our mechanic. See modified diagrams and accompanying text. 6
20.7.1.a Typo: "duing" "during" 4