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19th January 2019 Printed copies of the IFAF 2019 rulebook are available here.

23rd December 2018

The 2019 IFAF rulebook has now been published. See the PDF and HTML versions.

The official summary list of rule changes is available here (in PDF format).

14th October 2017

The Spanish translation of the IAFOA Manual of Football Officiating (MOFO) is now available.

Press release with more details: Espanol / English.

20th March 2017

The new IAFOA Manual of Football Officiating (MOFO) is now available.

The 17th edition is once again the most comprehensive book ever written on the mechanics of football officiating. There is a new chapter covering the duties of the video judge, a complete revision of the chapter on keys to encompass all aspects of passing coverage, and much more. The duties of a Centre Judge are now fully integrated into the main parts of the book (sharing a chapter with Referee). There are changed responsibilities on a 5-man crew for free kicks, and changes to the onfield timekeeper and pre-game duties.

The PDF version can be downloaded from here, the HTML version is available here and there are two versions in print with different bindings.

15th January 2016

IAFOA is open for membership. We welcome anyone who is an American football official.

We want the next generation of officials, whether they want to work international games or not, to have access to the best possible training and leadership from those officials who currently do work international games.

Sign up for free by registering on our Forum. Then contribute to the many discussions that take place there.

IMPORTANT: Your profile on the forum must display your full real name and country of residence - if not your registration may be declined.

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